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Why attend an event?


Job fairs and recruitment open days provide a unique opportunity in this digital age to meet directly with leading employers to learn first hand of their focus, culture and job opportunities.

As a busy health or social care professional attending a recruitment event is the most effective and efficient way to get hired with on-the-spot interviews and job offers.

You may be asking yourself what are the benefits of attending a job fair or employer open day?

We’re here to tell you everything you need to know.

See the benefits

Instant job offers

What if someone told you, you could be walking away with a potential job offer at the end of the day?

Employers are looking to instantly recruit as this reduces their hiring time and recruitment costs. Just as you’re motivated to get a new job, employers are just as motivated.

Who’s recruiting

Our customers include NHS Trusts and Hospitals as well as Irish HSE Hospitals, but it doesn’t end there.

We have hundreds of customers including independent hospitals, voluntary bodies and charities, private clinics, nursing and care homes, CCGs and local governments.

Interview Practice

Don’t have time to meet with recruitment agencies or travelling the country for interviews?

You can squeeze a month’s worth of interviews into a single day at one of our job fairs, helping you overcome any nerves, perfect your pitch and get real experience sitting in interviews.


A job fair is the perfect place to connect and share as well as boosting your confidence and profile.

Speak to employers, pick their brain, find out what skills and qualifications are needed to make the next step in your career. Meet other professionals just like you and learn what’s new.

The Freebies

It’s all about the freebies! Ok, maybe it isn’t, but admit it who doesn’t like free stuff. 🙂

Exhibitors have lots of free stuff to give away from pens and bags to super cool gadgets. Some even run prize draws giving away flights or city breaks. If you’re not in, you can’t win.

What other jobseekers say

“Oh God!, I wasn’t expecting to be even interviewed and I’ve ended up with two job offers.”

Graduate Nurse ~

“Myself and my friends are graduating so we just went for a look. So much choice for sure.”

Junior Doctor ~

“My advice? Stop wasting your day off travelling for interviews.”

Lead Nurse ~

“I’ve been finding it impossible to get a job as an OT in Ireland, so I got one in London instead.”

Occupational Therapists ~

“I’m thrilled. I’m moving to North Cumbria.”

~ Registered Nurse ~

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